Evening Keynote: State of the Environment

Wed 2 October 2013
6:00pm — 8:00pm
Melbourne Convention and Exhibition Centre

Environmental scientist and communications consultant Rob Gell will step up to deliver the 2013 Festival of Ideas keynote address The State of the Environment on Wednesday 2 October. Sadly a critical family illness prevents Professor Kate Auty, Victoria’s Commissioner for Sustainability and the Environment, from delivering the address.

The paper will explore the state of Victoria’s environment in the context of global developments, reflecting on the journey our state has made from the last State of the Environment report in 2008 to our current situation. Host Maxine McKew will chair the discussion with Rob Gell and panellists Amanda McKenzie, Chair, Centre for Australian Progress and senior communications advisor to the Climate Commission, Shelley Penn, Immediate Past National President, Australian Institute of Architects and Professor David Karoly, Professor of Atmospheric Science, University of Melbourne.

We look forward to an evening of insight and ideas.

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