Food + Nutrition

Feeding 10 Billion People and Sustaining The Planet

Thu 3 October 2013
10:00am — 11:40am
Carillo Gantner Theatre

The world must solve three food problems simultaneously: end hunger, double food production by 2050, and do both while drastically reducing agriculture’s damage to the environment. Join our thought leaders as they consider strategies for producing more with less while ensuring the benefits are available to all.

Speakers’ topics:

  • Professor Prem Bhallla – What are the big issues for feeding our population?
  • Professor Agnès Ricroch – Can genetically modified crops feed the world?
  • Professor Peter Gresshoff – Should we be feeding our cars or people? Crop use to create biofuels.
  • Associate Professor Simran Sethi – Too much/ too little - sustainable approaches to feeding a hungry planet.
  • Professor Gary Egger – Health, Ills and Economics: Have we overshot the sweet spot?

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